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About the Owner

I retired from the Army in 2014 after almost 25 years of active service. I worked as a Peace Officer in Arizona for about a year and a half and then moved to Tennessee to be closer to my daughter who was 12 at the time.

I was a Motor Transport Operator in the Army and enjoyed the process of loading and unloading different types of cargo. In some cases, it is an incredibly good exercise in problem-solving. This interest in problem solving and transportation is, in part, what has led me to start my own Junk Removal Business. The other part is the sense of team that is had in the Army. Serving alongside great Americans working toward a common mission/goal. I have missed that comradery and am looking to reconnect with my brothers/sisters in Arms through a Veteran-focused hiring process. I will also hire crew members with no military experience with the hope that the military experience can be shared and possibly inspire others to serve in the military.

G.I. Junk Removal & Hauling McMinnville TN
Junk Removal G.I. Junk Removal & Hauling McMinnville TN

The story so far:

I have been looking into the junk removal business since sometime in 2019. Initially, I was looking into a franchise as a starting point and because of some of the support that is offered. I instead decided to “go it alone” due to the franchise fee, monthly fees, start-up debt that it would incur, and the experience I might miss out on by starting it up myself. “Go it alone” does not mean that I am on my own in this. I do have a support system of family and friends who are willing and have helped in the short time that I have been going at this despite my own efforts to try and figure it out by myself. I am mentioning that as a point to share with my fellow Vets but also to anyone who might need to hear it “we are not alone in this, talk to people, share your experience, ask for help, and truly consider comments/suggestions/help offered.”

What I have done so far:

After delaying and finding reasons not to start I am now getting after it. In April of 2021 I applied for my LLC through the Federal Government and my Business license in Tennessee. I have started advertising through Thumbtack, bandit signs, talking to people, handing out business cards, leaving business cards in prime locations and magnets on my truck. I have also started working with Serious SEM for my digital marketing campaign. This is one of the instances of asking for help. Serious SEM is owned and operated by a good friend of mine Cy Sears. It took him giving me “junk” about not going through him for my business cards to start using his agency. The lesson I also learned is to be talking about and promoting your own business. My first junk removal job was landed by me talking about my business and the service I provide. Thanks Cy.

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