Parks in McMinnville

Do you like outdoor activities? Maybe you enjoy taking the kids outside to wear off some of their energy or bond over the beauty of the natural environment? McMinnville, located in Warren County, is a great place to visit for anyone who likes these things in their life.

McMinnville is located in a superbly scenic area with easy access to nature areas, aquatic, forested, and more. Riverfront Park, located on Barren Fork river, is full of things to do in a relaxing environment. There are places to fish, both on the shore or from a boat, as well as play areas geared towards children. There are even picnic areas, good for hosting a little event or spending a day on the water.

The McMinnville Civic Center has a more typical public park setting, with an aquatic center and a sports field in addition to the playground equipment supplied to the public. It is a great place to take the kids on a hot day to have some structured fun in the sun. Places like Riverfront Trail have hiking trails where you can get a good workout and also experience the local environment.

Outside of the McMinnville city limits there are even more nature parks just a short drive away. Cumberland Caverns has vast underground caves that offer tours allowing you to safely explore the area and learn more about the history of the caves and how they came to be, great if you want to experience a natural environment that doesn’t have the annoyance of bugs or overheating. Rock Island State Park is another option that has areas for swimming, boats, picnics, camping and a play area.

All of these are superb outing options for the family and allow you to take advantage of the area’s great nature. All you have to do is get out and try them!

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