Places of Cultural Entertainment in McMinnville

McMinnville is a small town, but there are plenty of places for people to enjoy musical performances and art culture. While there might not be many venues to choose from for concerts or plays, the events held there are sure to be unique. These shows are a great way to get a taste of the area and find out why this little town is so special.

The Park Theater is within the city limits and offers regular rotating theatrical performances done by local thespians. Managed and run by the City of McMinnville under the McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department, the theater has a main goal of serving the community, offering both weekend and weekday performances to allow visitors with diverse schedules to come and see their shows. Their upcoming schedule can be seen on their website, so you can pick the show that works the best for you.

Cumberland Caverns, a well-known system of caverns, is positioned outside the city limits but is still nearby. While their cavern tours are their primary service, they also have a spot known as The Volcano Room where they frequently host live musical performances from bands, both local and touring. This venue offers a truly unique experience that is quite difficult find anywhere else, with the extraordinary acoustics granted by the natural caverns. The site offers a calendar of events for potential visitors to investigate and see what events are coming up. Another option is an annual event called Reggae at South Rapids. It is something of a fusion of outdoor camping and live music. While camping and enjoying the outdoor activities, you also get to listen to live, on-site bands.

These are definitely some places you might be interested in if you like to learn about the local microcultures of towns like McMinnville and the surrounding areas. Finding a more local musical scene than the one in McMinnville would be a difficult task indeed, with the music done by local performers that are truly passionate about their art. Any of these venues can make for a great night out, shaking away any possibility of boredom with the complete uniqueness of each individual experience.

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