Restaurants in McMinnville TN

McMinnville is home to many local restaurants that cater to all kinds of food pallets, with a few choice fast food type chains on the side. Gondola Restaurant has Italian food and two locations, one in McMinnville and one in the nearby town of Cookeville. For Asian food, there are multiple places to go, with one being Saki, which serves Japanese style cuisine, including sushi. Another is Ming’s Buffet, which offers Chinese cooking. There are even more choices Mexican food is to your taste: La Cazona, Chabelitas, and Taqueria Albertos to name a few, with each offering their own twist on classic dishes.

McMinnville has a lot of options for diner-style food. Tammy’s Market serves hamburgers and grilled items. The Cumberland Biscuit Company specializes in breakfast foods, and is a good choice if you need something to get you going in the morning. Fouch Restaurant has a more family style setting for your outing, and offers cuisine suitable for all three of the day’s meals.

If you like a beer with your meal, there are also options for those looking for more of a bar style experience. MudBums Sports Grill is a place where you can enjoy a beer and bar food while you watch the game. Another option is Smooth Rapids Outfitters, for those looking to enjoy a more dive style atmosphere. Collins River BBQ & Café, while not strictly a bar style restaurant, is still a great place to sit and enjoy a good meal.

The area has some more specialty eateries too, such as Topz Frozen Yogurt that offers both frozen treats and deli style sandwiches. Kimmi’s Tea Room is a great place for healthier options for your meal, such as salads or low calorie sandwiches.
No matter what food style you enjoy, McMinnville TN’s great selection is sure to have something to satisfy your appetite.

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