Spring Cleaning & Junk Removal

For many people, the phrase “spring cleaning” inspires dread as they contemplate the mountains of dust, cobwebs, and perhaps worse awaiting them. It doesn’t need to be that way. Yes, cobwebs may be icky, but that’s nothing compared to what would happen if you kept leaving them around. Put a spring in your step and a cheerful song on the stereo, and chances are the whole business will seem a lot better.


The word “junk” is a very troublesome one. Usually it’s used to mean stuff you no longer need and may not even want, that’s still somewhere in your house; probably the garage, if you’ve gone through the house once or twice but never bothered with the garage.

So when you’ve gone through it all (yes, even the garage), and collected all that junk in one place – what to do with it? We recommend separating unwanted items into three piles; one pile of things to sell, one pile of things to donate, and one pile of things to throw away. If selling isn’t something you have the time, the want, or the skills to do, you may end up with two piles instead.

Donations can, depending on who’s nearby and what they want or need, be easy.

That trash pile though, it’s not going away quite so well. Your trash pile may be too large to fit into a container for trash at all. So what are you going to do? Junk Removal, which is where we come in. According to the EPA, about eighty percent of all solid waste in the U.S. can be recycled; the issue is that most people haven’t a clue how to manage the feat of doing all that.

So give G.I. Junk Removal & Hauling a call. You tell us what needs to be hauled, and we’ll do the hauling.