What to do with Garage Sale Leftovers

For many people, the phrase “spring cleaning” inspires dread as they contemplate the mountains of dust, You’ve got things you want to get rid of, and you’ve decided to use a garage sale to do that. Now, after you organized it all, everyone came and bought things… and you find that there’s stuff left over. The things you sold are well and truly out of your house, but that pile of stuff that didn’t get sold is more troublesome.

The Leftovers

The exact approach to getting these leftovers out of your house depends on what those leftovers are. Items like furniture, which take up a great deal of space where you could be parking something, are good candidates for recycling; if you’re thinking “How do I do that?”, we at G.I. Junk Removal & Hauling will be happy to help.

Some items are a better fit for a new home just getting onto its feet than for generic donation or recycling. Old sports equipment, books you no longer want, clothes you can’t wear (but that someone you know could), and small appliances (such as a toaster) are candidates for giving to a new home.

After The Sale

When the garage sale closes its doors and you have leftovers, one of the things you have to figure out is where donation centers are, what time they pick things up, and whether you’d rather donate things personally to friends or family you know instead of going to a donation center. This doesn’t apply if you somehow manage to recycle everything left over.

The Leftovers: No More Clutter

The leftovers you’ve got while reading this article will almost certainly need to be decluttered themselves, simply so that you have them sorted well enough to sell again, take places, or recycle. And it’s possible there were a few items in your initial garage sale that didn’t get sold that you didn’t actually want to get sold.

Give us a call if you have troubles with garage sale leftovers. We’ll be happy to offer our Junk Removal Services.